“Moonshots by skunkworks”

Managing transformation & Purpose-Led Transformation

Triggers & Drivers

  • No matter what the triggers or drivers are…changing regulations, disruptive business models, changed customer expectations, or new creative  technology… all compel the company to make choices.
  • Transformation is possible only with a definite goal in mind: Purpose-Led Transformation.
  • Involve all people in all levels of the company. “Create engagement and involvement.”
  • Both stakeholders and practitioners should join in the story.
  • From the onset of the strategy there should be a dominant coalition. (Through meetings-events-sessions).
  • Transparent communication is necessary to avoid disappointments, too high expectations, or transformation fatigue ..
  • Transparancy is the keyword here to mobilize an interactive platform.
  • Good agreements foster job satisfaction and avoid malpractice and polarization.

Visual approach


Agile development facilitates and accelerates initiatives. The enthusiasmic platform evaluates to incubator to rewrite the organization’s DNA.

The Tilting

To change, or not to change

My Intrapreneur - de omschakeling

This is how it starts

  • Tilting toward a new organization based on trust, humanity, in a modern way. 
  • The transition will decentralize the company eliminating top-down structures. The self-organization of employees allows them to take matters into their own hands.
  • Reason allows room for sentiment. Employees are co-collaborators who have an employment contract in the cooperative but also s stake in their department / company.
  • They are encouraged to have innovative ideas,and are encouraged to speak freely so they can propose improved operations of their department / company.The labour and drudgery gives way to a better working atmosphere.
  • The revenue streams are monitored by division as are the expenditure streams. Overhead disappears and, (part of) profit increases to the benefit of the co-operaters.
  • Automation, technology and digitization robotisation will be embraced precisely because the human factor has been reinterpreted. The path of the development worker proceeds in a positive direction because it creates new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Perfect incentives are created. The social drives of every human being will continue. But you are not what you do! The development worker is malleable and can switch careers.
  • New professions are created. Individuals forge good social ties through the connections made, recognition arises from the common group goal via social exchange.

Together we can achieve the ambitions.

Contracts are flexible and tailored to each employee. Lifelong learning is generally good. Basic skills are grafted onto a new mindset and proportionately reimbursed by performance, not only in the top layer in the company.

How to ?

Tilting team

The organization tilting team is set up from all ranks.

Then the same is done by division. Flanked by MyIntrapreneurs – organizational disorganisors the company’s DNA is rewritten in a short period of time and implemented in stages, depending on the ability to transform.


People are taken out of their comfort zone and organized culture; confusion is initiated to create a white space and come up with new ideas.

The old business model makes way for the new and the company is ready for tomorrow.

Business model

Organically the concept is rolled out because it WORKS. Radically working differently as in a New Order.

The Business Model is reversed: colleagues are not competitors but allies. A flat structure means fewer managers = less pointless meetings, and trainings.


Self-managed departments/companies develop appropriate skills because the flat structure engages and inspires.

Employees take charge of the processes through space, direction and backing. Setting up their own rules.

Job Crafting

  • Job modeling – job crafting: employees take the initiative and fill their tasks in themselves or compliment them. They take matters into their own hands and consequently the work is meaningful and motivating. The organization provides and inspires confidence and maturity in its teams to achieve realistic goals.
  • Giving space and direction to take initiative, assuming that the mission, vision and strategy is known and permeated in the company  which makes it an inspiring role model.
  • Reality Check self-examination.
  • Rather than individual assessment interviews, there are group reflection discussions with behavioral adjustments:Confidence (I can) initiative show (I think and do) communication (together talking) – view on own behavior and way of learning (as I do) -Creativity (self-created)
  • More awareness and more self steering creates a more prolific employee and increased production.
  • Employees are ambassadors.
Job crafting

Modus Operandi

modus operandi My Intrapreneur
  • The Future

    The future is no longer the continuation of the past. The old no longer determines the new.

  • Release

    Release to move forward. Polishing is NO option.

  • Change management

    My Intrapreneur specializes in change management and closes the gap between what you have in mind and the chaos that you know. With innovative ideas and imagination something new is realized.

  • Expansion


    Renovation makes way for innovation!

  • Reorganization

    The reorganization of the company is done with a “hands on” approach. My Intrapreneur is the sparring partner and external conscience of the company. The My Intrapreneur employees are both academically and practically dyed in the wool. They detest the old archaic structures and are punctuated with Expertise – Efficiency – Essence.

  • Target

    Their goal is to get the wind in your sails through temperamental policy steps. Obstacles are removed so that collaborators can work better together. Directive leadership is transformed into participative leadership by mobilizing all competencies to the different contexts and all departments to align.

My Intrapreneur does not have a billing by the hour mentality. We decide together the company’s time frame and customized fee to put the sophisticated roadmap on track.

We work faster, more creative and cheaper.

Company Conduct Code

Open mind and an open management style are quite different from conventionally managed companies. Management styles are superfluous in the

          Company Conduct Code:

  • The company is reliable and credible
  • Honesty and transparency are appreciated above all short-term interests
  • The company finds a balance between short- and long-term gains
  • We supply products and services at reasonable prices, which are recognized by customers as the best on the market
  • Serve the customer with differentiated service and give justifiable priority to profits
  • Stimulate creativity and support the daredevils
  • Encourage everyone to participate and to question the decisions that are imposed from above
  • Provide an informal and pleasant environment with a professional attitude free of prejudice
  • Ensure a safe working environment with control of industrial processes that protect staff and environment
  • Have the courage to admit one’s own mistakes and understand that everything can always be improved.

No set dress code. No fixed seating; rather employees work in open offices because this optimizes the internal flow of information. Hierarchies are flattened.

Each department is required every three months to submit its financial statements so that every employee has the opportunity to acquire insight view. Each has a picture of the results of both their own department and the entire company.

All meetings are open to all employees, where everyone has the right to provide input on any subject. The working hours are very flexible, depending on the field.

The movie

My Intrapreneur "Countdown to succes!"

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